Welcome to Public Lounge

you, and your friends
in easy going surroundings
filled with animated conversations and spirited laughter.
you sip wine or a beer, intriqued by the tantalizing aromas in the air.
ready to share, you anticipate the tasty food that will arrive at your table.
you like the warm and welcoming energy here.

this is Public



03/15/2012 09:18

As of February 26th Public Lounge closed it's doors for the last time.

If you're looking for the same faces in a different environment join us 5 blocks south at 3835 Main St. Formerly the Coppertank a new concept is in the works. For more information please feel free to call Cameron at 604-569-2494

We hope to see you soon.

Closed for Private function

01/28/2012 18:00
01/29/2012 01:00

Closed for Private function

01/26/2012 16:00
01/26/2012 21:30

Closed For New Years

12/31/2011 12:00
12/31/2011 12:00

Closed for Xmas

12/24/2011 16:00
12/26/2011 12:00

Russell Brewing Xmas Party

12/15/2011 16:30
12/16/2011 01:00

Russell Brewing Christmas Party

12/15/2010 19:00

Photography by Lauren Tetrault

06/30/2010 12:41
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